Make Personal Interactions – Digital and Lasting

„Modernize your networking, focus on interactions. With contactify you revolutionize contact exchange by combining tradition with digitalization and efficiency.“

Our product explained

The contactify-card enables you to exchange individual information via your personal platform contactless and instantly using near-field communication technology or alternatively a QR code – without the need to exchange physical business cards. In the look of your corporate design on the contactify-card and on your platform you will not only impress with efficient networking – but also create lasting first impressions with your counterpart.



Innovate your networking by eliminating manual typing and enable faster, more engaging first impressions. Reduce administrative processes so you can focus on what matters – your personal interactions.



Your transferred contact details can be updated immediately at any time according to your wishes, be it the name, position, email, Linkedin or other specific data of your personal profile. Thus you combine the traditional meaning of a well-designed business card with the speed of digitalization.

Sustainability and Hygiene

With the contactify-card you also accelerate the gradual separation from paper consumption in your company and therefore reduce the pressure on the environment. In these turbulent times, you can also avoid additional physical contact through contactless networking.

Innovation and Business Development

Optimize your networking process with contactify. Not only save costs, but also be at the forefront of networking innovation. Join the successive development of the technology and enjoy many more features and application advantages in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does contactify work?

You can find the instructions for using the contactify card on your contact platform under How-To?

What is NFC?

NFC stands for Near Field Communication. This technology enables the contactless exchange of data. NFC tag 213 with a range of 1-30 mm is used for contactify.

How secure is contactify?

The contactify servers are located in Switzerland. The whole data handling is also secured in Switzerland by contactify, so that no third parties can access your data. Furthermore, your contact platform is protected against hackers by a hash.

How does the order process work?

fter placing the order, you will receive an Excel list to record the employee information. You can then send us your card layout using our template or the contactify team will design the card for you. Once the layout is agreed upon, the cards will be sent to you within a week.

How much Swissness is in contactify?

All data processing is done by the contactify team in Switzerland (Winterthur). The contactify cards are also printed in Switzerland by a family business in Alpnach.

How do I update my contact platform?

If your contact information changes (e.g. phone number) you can simply write us an email at or contact us by phone at 079 377 77 33. An admin area is under development.

How does the subscription model work?

Your contactify subscription includes all mutations and unlimited support. In addition, you will receive a quarterly report that shows how many connections have been made in your company and the corresponding cost savings and CO2 reductions. Furthermore, you have replacement cards at your disposal, which can be used for fluctuations or lost cards.

How do I use contactify as my e-mail signature?

Get the instructions here.