About Us

About Us

At contactify our focus lies on simplifying business processes, so that your company can focus on the essentials – the interactions. We give 100% to bring companies into a digitalized and efficient networking and computing environment, while not eliminating traditional, analog habits. We are committed to the idea of combining the best of both worlds and developing tools that impress with simplicity, true value and usability.


contactify operates in the world of business and their interactions. We are committed to creating individualized platforms for companies and their employees, to accelerate interactions and facilitate networking. These platforms are accessible with your contactify-card, which acts as your personal platform key. In addition, your contactify-card functions as a business card that represents your corporate identity with your individualized design. By combining the key components of digital efficiency and physical interactions, your contactify-card allows you to share and prepare your information on your platform without physical contact – be it with customers, within your company or at networking events. Strengthen your brand and your business – contactless, fast and hygienic.


Shaping the corporate presence while promoting future ideas.

Our company aims to gap the bridge between personal interaction and digitalized information exchange with the aim of minimizing administration and promoting interactions.

With the contactify-card you receive the key to a new kind of networking, while the tradition of the physical business card remains. You will also benefit from continuous innovation and additional applications on your platform that contactify offers you.


contactify was founded in 2020 with the vision to modernize networking for both large and small companies and make it more efficient. During the corona lockdown we became more and more aware of the importance of interpersonal exchange. For this reason, we sought to find a solution that would make personal interactions contactless and efficient. With contactify we have especially taken into account the changing demands on digital efficiency and hygienic protection aspects.

A further driver of the idea was the close personal and entrepreneurial ties to the office supplies market and in the course of the successive product range revisions in this area, we became increasingly aware of the importance of innovation in this market. As a result of our development process we launched the contactify platform with the contactify-card as platform key.


contactify consists of a passionate team of students from the University of St. Gallen (HSG) and ETH Zurich. David Sager is in his final semester of his Business Administration Bachelor at the University of St. Gallen, Lars Sager holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of St. Gallen and is currently studying for a Master of Banking and Finance there. Ananda Lee is in his last semester at the University of St. Gallen studying Law & Economics and Phillip Binkert holds a Bachelor of Physics from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich.


Ananda Lee

David Sager

Philipp Binkert:

Lars Sager

Advisory Board

Luca Feser

Luca launched his first venture while at University at 18 years of age selling socks online. More recently he launched and ran an on-demand delivery service for construction supplies in the UK. He has a history of working at high-growth startups such as iwoca and Onefinestay, where at a young age he was able to grasp the concept of failing fast and learning faster. He also has corporate experience working at UBS’s Digital Factory, which is the digital arm of the bank that develops new digital banking products. Currently Luca is working in growth for the smart-lock startup called Klevio, which is at the forefront of the smart-home technology revolution. With his experience of running the London startup accelerator, Kickstart, he has seen the reasons as to why many new startups fail to gain traction early on. Luca holds a BSc in Management and a MSc in Information Systems from the London School of Economics (LSE). We hope to leverage all this knowledge for our successful future at contactify.

Thomas Schoch

Thomas Schoch is the owner of Schoch Vögtli AG and leads the Swiss SME in the 4th generation. The family owned company has developed from a stationer’s shop into a leading B2B online wholesaler for offices and schools, hospitals and the public sector, as well as small, medium and large companies. Thomas gained his marketing expertise at an international consumer goods marketing company and is member of various boards of directors and organizations. He has accompanied the start up contactify from the beginning and brings his expertise and experience in online marketing, B2B sales and corporate management. We hope to benefit from his long term experience in B2B and online business for the further development of contactify.