The contactify platform offers you an environment in which you can present and update your individual information while implementing your corporate design. The platform key is your contactify-card with which you can make contacts without ever having to physically type your information again.
You avoid the loss of valuable contacts and appear modern and innovative. We can update your transferred contact data any time and your corporate design can be smoothly integrated into the design of your personal contactify-card. In the light of the current coronavirus pandemic, you additionally reduce physical contact by simply tapping the contactify-card on to the smartphone of your counterpart and thus giving the access to your platform – contactless, fast and hygienic.

Our product explained

The contactify-card enables you to exchange individual information via your personal platform contactless and instantly using near-field communication technology or alternatively a QR code – without the need to exchange physical business cards. In the look of your corporate design on the contactify-card and on your platform you will not only impress with efficient networking – but also create lasting first impressions with your counterpart.


Set-up costs CHF 38.50 one-time/user Early Adopter Discount CHF 0.00

  • Individualized contact platform
    Two personalized contactify-cards per user
    (optional) Layout designed by contactify – CHF 10.00/user




  • Upgrades and Add-Ons: Upgrades and add-ons are possible at any time and can be implemented at your request. Just contact us so we can individualize our service for your specific needs.
  • Additional Tracking: Upon request we can create a dynamic and event-specific activity tracking for your company’s specific usage.
  • Need more? We can offer many more customizations! If your company wants to take next steps, please contact our sales team.



We update the information on your platforms as soon as your users have relevant data changes, be it names, phone numbers, position descriptions or other personal data stored on the platform.


We will prepare a quarterly report for your company on the total usage of the cards. Track how many contacts your company generates and optimize your networking.


Feel free to contact us at any time if you have questions or suggestions about our products – via email or Whatsapp.



Innovate your networking by eliminating manual typing and enable faster, more engaging first impressions. Reduce administrative processes so you can focus on what matters - your personal interactions.



Your transferred contact details can be updated immediately at any time according to your wishes, be it the name, position, email, Linkedin or other specific data of your personal profile. Thus you combine the traditional meaning of a well-designed business card with the speed of digitalization.

Sustainability and Hygiene

With the contactify-card you also accelerate the gradual separation from paper consumption in your company and therefore reduce the pressure on the environment. In these turbulent times, you can also avoid additional physical contact through contactless networking.

Innovation and Business Development

Optimize your networking process with contactify. Not only save costs, but also be at the forefront of networking innovation. Join the successive development of the technology and enjoy many more features and application advantages in the future.